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Oxygenating pond plants

Blog post written by Gary | 13 April 2017 | Category: Ponds

Pond plants are normally split into four categories; marginal, deep water, floaters and oxygenators.  In this blog we will cover the oxygenators.

Oxygenators can either be potted or bunched for your pond. Some plants like Crystalwort and Water Crowsfoot can be both be potted or bunched and will grow easily in both situations.

Weighted bunched plants are usually placed in the pond as they come and will start to grow fairly quickly depending on water conditions and the weather. Planting depth varies between plants, however the majority like a depth of around 10” to 12” or deeper. Some can grow from a depth of 6 feet. All bunched oxygenators will grow in either full sun or part shade.

Potted oxygenators can normally be placed along with other marginal plants on the shelf section of the pond or can be placed in with the deep water marginals depending on the variety of oxygenating plant. Potted oxygenators are also available in larger contour baskets giving a variety of mature plants to help oxygenate and mature the pond. The majority of potted oxygenators will happily grow in either part shade or full sun. The only potted oxygenator which does not like full sun is Water Violet which prefers part shade only.

Below is a list of the oxygenating plants we keep in stock depending on availability and the season.


  • Water crowsfoot
  • Hornwort
  • Canadian pondweed


  • Eleocharis acicularis
  • Mare’s tail
  • Water violet
  • Scirpus cirnus
  • Minature pondwort

Here at Weald Aquatics we are “Be Plant Wise” which means we follow the Defra and OATA code in not selling invasive aquatic plants.


Oxygenating pond plant
Oxygenating pond plant


Oxygenating pond plant
Oxygenating pond plant
A selection of the oxygenating pond plants we currently have in the shop.
Range of pond plants
...and here are a few more pond plants that are currently looking good.