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Our new Nano Seahorse setup

Blog post written by Andy | 21 July 2016 | Category: Marine fish

I try as often as possible to change around the display aquariums in the shop, it’s always good to give people new ideas for a fish tank. We have had our Nano reef aquarium running really successfully now for about two years so we thought it was time for a change.

Jack had the great idea of turning it into a seahorse setup and he was right big time! 

As the Nano reef has gentle flow and less intense lighting, it’s perfect for seahorses and will easily grow and support an assortment of soft corals. Many of you who have visited the shop will have seen how well this system operated and how successful the corals and shrimp were.

We removed the majority of rock work to allow more swimming space and Jack added some plastic plants to give the seahorses plenty of places to grip with that amazing tail.

We removed the fish and replaced them with some very gentle occupants. Along with our two seahorses we have a mandarin dragonet and a tiny shrimp goby so nothing to compete for the food of these lethargic feeders. A cleaner shrimp and a couple of sexy shrimp nestled in the soft coral complete the livestock quota.

The setup has already proven incredibly popular and it’s great watching children's faces when they see these fascinating creatures up close.

On my next post I will go into more detail on these amazing creatures and how to care for them. I am now going to measure up at home to see if I can fit a seahorse aquarium in my living room! 


One of the seahorses in our new nano setup
One of the seahorses in our new nano setup