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New aquariums and latest fish news

Blog post written by Andy | 10 November 2011 | Category: In the shop

Hey everybody!

In my last post I mentioned that we had just started the construction of our 3 new banks of aquariums and I'm pleased to announce they are finally finished!! It has taken a little longer than we expected but they are maturing nicely and I am in the process of stocking them.

As I'm sure many of you fishkeepers are aware, it is very important to build up the livestock in any new system as slowly as possible to avoid any Ammonia or Nitrite spikes. Don't worry, it's just as frustrating for me in the shop as it is for you stocking your fish tanks at home (I have 26 new tanks to play with!!) but we are nearly up to full capacity.

We have decided to stock 2 banks with tropical fish and one with African cichlids. I can already hear the groans from some people as we were toying with the idea of having a tropical marine bank. Marines are still on the cards and as any of you who visited us at our old shop will know I loved setting up and maintaining the show aquariums and marine section as much as people enjoyed looking at them. However, as with all the livestock in our shop, we only want to stock fish of the highest quality and we work tirelessly at keeping the aquariums clean and the fish healthy. With this said, at present we would not have the time to keep a marine section in keeping with the quality we have throughout the shop. The last thing we want to do is to start cutting corners in order to keep more aquariums as that would not be good for you – the customer, us as a business, but more importantly, not good for the fish!

As time progresses we will look at a marine section so I will keep you posted. We do still stock all the food, salt, equipment, RO water, test kits and additives so we are almost there!!

But back to what we are keeping!

We have really increased the number of different Tetras we now stock. We now have Blue Tetra, Emperor Tetra, head and tail light Tetra, Pristella Tetra, Gold Tetra, Blood-fin Tetra, Green Rasbora and Diamond Neon Tetra (and they're just the ones I can see from behind the counter!!). You can see these in the video below.



Tetras are a fantastic family of fish that shoal and are not difficult to keep. They give an aquarium instant movement and interest. They come in lots of shapes, sizes and colours and there is a type for almost every aquarium. We have also increased the different types of small coldwater fish available. We now have gold Danio, Platinum Danio, Pink Danio, Pearl Danio and Leopard Danio. So even a coldwater aquarium can have a shoal of smaller fish (how cool is that?!).

We have also started stocking our African cichlid section and over the next few posts I will be highlighting this family of fish and why I enjoy keeping them so much. We are trying to stock juveniles so we can keep the prices as low as possible and still keep the quality high. Like the Rainbow Fish I talked about in a previous blog post, given a little time some of these fish will blow your mind!

We currently have some cobalt blue Pseudotropheus which are colouring up nicely as well as some Iodotropheus sprengerae which will turn a beautiful copper colour with a blue sheen. Most of the fish we stock are under 2" but they will easily exceed 5" given....well not much time at all really! I am getting new stock in every week and will try to profile as many as possible over the next few months. If you're not convinced when you see them as juveniles, feel free to ask to see pictures of my aquarium or my glamorous assistant Jon's and I'm sure we can change your mind. You would be amazed at how many customers ask if we keep fish at home and when we say yes and show them pictures, end up leaving with a fish tank!

Well back to the work as Gary said I have been on the computer for far too long. I look forward to seeing you soon - come and let me know what you think of our new aquariums and more importantly what you want to see in them!