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New and unusual fish

Blog post written by Andy | 16 October 2013 | Category: Tropical fish

Not everybody wants an aquarium full of Guppies and Platys, so I try as often as possible to get something different in for people to have a look at. So with that in mind, I have finally found a supplier who can get those fish that are a little unusual and will name a few we have in the shop at the moment.


Lamp eye fish (Aplocheichthys Normani)
Lamp eye fish (Aplocheichthys Normani)
A great shoaling species with a glowing blue "eyebrow". It's a really peaceful community species that makes a real impact in a tank with dark gravel. (Though quite difficult to take a picture of!)
Golden wonder Panchax
Golden wonder Panchax
A beautifully coloured fish that hangs on the surface of the water and occupies an area of the aquarium that rarely has any fish in it. Great in small groups and will get a decent size so not recommended with small fish.
Green phantom Pleco (L200)
Green phantom Pleco (L200)
We are slowly building our stock of the more unusual catfish and this is a classic. A stunning algae eating Panaque that almost glows on dark gravel.


Striped Dora / Raphael catfish
Striped Dora / Raphael catfish
You can't help but stare at these catfish as they cruise the aquarium in a mass of stripes and whiskers. They get a decent size so no small fish.
Panda Tetra
Panda Tetra
A small shoaling species with striking black and white colours. Peaceful and a mid water swimmer.
Twin banded Loach (Botia Rostrata)
Twin banded Loach (Botia Rostrata)
Fancy something different to a clown loach? There you go!


Other fish we've got in but not pictured are:

Blue Finned Nothobranchius
If you have a small aquarium and you want a species only or a small stand out fish you can't go much better. The males are one of the most amazing looking fish available. A pair make fantastic fish for a nano aquarium.

Pygmy Corydoras (Habrosus Cory)
Some people ask for small catfish and you cant get much smaller. Really cute sitting in a group of 4 or more.

Yellow Rainbow fish (Melanotaenia Herbertaxelrodii)
A stunning fish when fully mature. They turn from drab looking silver juveniles to bright yellow fish which cruise the middle area of your aquarium. If you love the Boesmani Rainbow then you will love these just as much.

We will happily run through more detailed information on these or any other fish in the shop so feel free to just ask.

We have more and more fish arriving every week so come and have a look for something maybe a little different.