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May 2011 shop news

Blog post written by Andy | 11 May 2011 | Category: In the shop

First off I hope everyone enjoyed the bank holidays and managed to get out and enjoy the sun. How nice is it to have a few days of sunshine?! Okay it's a bit up and down at the moment but we have had some lovely warm sunny days, perfect weather to go out and give your pond a bit of a spruce up!

With all of this sudden sunny weather come the natural enemies of the pond keeper...blanket weed and green water (crash of thunder and flash of lightning!). These two problems can dampen even the biggest pond enthusiast's spirits, but there are things you can do to prevent and cure the problem.

Green water and UV-filters

People come up and ask why their pond is going green when they have a UV filter. shouldn't be! If you have the right size UV light for the right volume of water it shouldn't go green so there is a problem somewhere. The most common problem is that people don't realise that UV bulbs have a lifespan of about a year. Even if the bulb is still glowing it will have lost over 60% of its useful output after 6 months and so they need replacing. The quartz sleeve which surrounds the bulb also needs cleaning periodically. If you don't clean it the glass gets dirty and the UV rays can't penetrate the water and kill off that algae. People also have a tendency to think pumping water through a filter as quickly as possible will solve the problem faster - not true I'm afraid. Pumping the water through too fast means the UV rays only have a short contact time with the water and so can't kill the algae. Slowing down the water going through a UV system can often improve its performance.

If you don't have a UV filter there are other ways of tackling the problem. Lots of plants will help combat green water as they compete for the nutrients that the algae needs to grow. Shading your pond and adding floating plants will cut down the amount of light getting to the algae which can also help. There are also some really effective medications you can use to help.

Blanket weed

Blanket weed is another matter. To really get rid of it you have got to put something in your water. Barley straw is a popular choice (as a liquid, a pellet or a pouch) and will help keep it under control. There are several products which help prevent it but act a lot faster – Goodbye Blanket Weed and Blanket Answer. Both are a natural combination of enzymes so are safe with all wildlife fish and aquatic plants so no need to worry on that front. The most effective in my opinion by quite a distance is Blanket Answer. It really works - I have sold hundreds of them and only two people said it didn't work. One chap didn't have a pond, it was a lake so it was never going to work. He had about 150,000 litres of water and put one bottle in (one bottle treats 10,000 litres) so was expecting a bit much! The other gentleman didn't put the right amount in – an easy mistake to make. He came back and I advised him of right dosage and he was a very happy chappy a week later! If you ever have any problems with any aspect of your pond myself and Gary will always do our best to help, so either give us a call or pop down and see us.

It's also a good time of year to tidy up any plants you have in the pond and re-pot if needed. We have a huge selection of pond baskets, basket liners, aquatic compost and gravel available in store. We also have an even bigger range of aquatic plants for your pond including Deep water marginals, Lilies, Iris, complete planters, oxygenating weed, floating Hyacinth and Water Chestnut. There are more but I don't want to bore you! Our fish stock is also growing and we now have small Koi, Ghost carp, a selection of Rudd and more on the way. Hopefully there is something for everyone but if we haven't got it let us know!

Well back to work... me thinks watering the pond plants is a good idea and a cheeky excuse to catch some sun!