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March 2011 shop news

Blog post written by Andy | 09 March 2011 | Category: In the shop

Hey everybody!

It's great to see so much interest in my first post and thank you for all of your comments and ideas on what you want to see. I will take them all on board and try and work them into the next few posts.

A quick update on the shop! As a lot of you know, towards the end of January we expanded our shop to over twice its size! And boy have we packed it out!! A little disappointed that Gary wouldn't let me put in a pool table but I guess from a business point of view I can see his point! All of this extra space has really allowed us to expand our entire product range and stock a lot of new lines.

If doubling the size of the shop wasn't enough, we have kept our momentum going and opened our outdoor pond section! Having a dedicated outdoor space has given us the opportunity to stock a huge range of preformed ponds, plants, baskets, aquatic soil, pond liners.... I could keep going but we have more and more stock coming in every week so even I'm losing track.

The preformed ponds are proving really popular so we are looking to get even more in.... even bigger than our 1250 litre one! As the weather is slowly starting to warm up (yes I know it is apparently) we will be expanding our range of floating plants, lilies and marginals. We are in the lucky position of dealing with wholesalers who grow all their plants locally and, as with our aquarium fish, if there is something you are after specifically I will try and track it down for you.

Back in store I am in the process of setting up our first (of many!) show tanks. I have chosen a Jewell Rekord 800. It's a system I really like because it's an impressive size but really easy and more importantly quick to look after. As the weeks go by I will slowly be stocking it with fish so come in and tell me how you think I'm doing. By setting up this tank I hope to show how easy it is to keep a great looking fish tank that won't take up all of your time. Keeping a tropical fish tank should be enjoyable most importantly of all so I am happy to chat to you about any aspect of fish keeping and will offer advice where I can.

Well that's a brief update on just a few things happening at Weald Aquatics. I hope I have given you all something to think about and look forward to seeing you at the shop soon.

Well back to work...... these tanks aren't going to clean themselves!