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Lucy’s Aquarium

Blog post written by Gary | 22 June 2017 | Category: Case studies

Lucy’s daughter wanted a pet. Unfortunately Lucy’s husband Stuart has an allergy to animals with fur so they settled for an aquarium.

The original coldwater aquarium was purchased from another local garden centre about five years ago. After three years Lucy decided to upgrade her aquarium to a tropical set up. Her long-term friend Helen suggested she visited Weald as Helen herself had recently purchased a Juwel Rio 125 from us and was very happy with the aquarium and the fish.

Lucy purchased a Juwel Rekord 700 and started slowly introducing fish. After four months the fish started to die. On checking the aquarium water we found the nitrates had risen to a dangerous level. Although Lucy was regularly changing the aquarium water the nitrate levels did not reduce to a safe level. At this point we suggested to Lucy to try RO water with a mineral additive as this water will have zero levels of all pollutants including zero nitrate levels. Within a short time of using the RO water the nitrate levels had been reduced to very low levels and fish losses all but eliminated.

Lucy now pops into the shop every two weeks to purchase 20 litres of RO water, some food and replacement media for the Juwel aquarium. Fish purchases are now months apart due to the quality of the water.

Lucy’s Fish

2 x Ruby Barb
4 x Scissortails Rasbora
1 x Clown Loach
1 x Botia Loach
2 x Rosy Neon Barb
2 x Congo Tetra
2 x Red Eye Tetra

As the algae is kept at a low level due to the RO water there are no algae eating fish in the aquarium. Plants are plastic for easy cleaning and Lucy has added an air pump and stone for decoration and to increase the oxygen in the water.

When Lucy wins the lottery she has promised she'll buy a Rio 400 and keep cichlids - the same as the Weald cichlid show aquarium.


Jack helping Lucy pick more plastic plants for her aquarium
Jack helping Lucy pick more plastic plants for her aquarium


Lucy looking at the Rio 400 cichlid aquarium
Lucy looking at the Rio 400 cichlid aquarium, hoping her lottery ticket will be a winner!