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Keeping Your Aquarium Plants Healthy

Blog post written by Gary | 22 March 2016 | Category: Aquarium plants

In the last two Weald Aquatics Club newsletters we looked at a number of aquarium plants which are easy to grow and maintain. To get the best out of these plants regular water changes will help; however with the addition of a liquid fertiliser you will be able to achieve vigorous plant growth and green foliage.

When added according to the manufacturer's instructions liquid fertilisers will also prevent iron and potassium deficiencies, prevent yellow leaves and strengthen plant stems.

For plants with a long root structure, fertiliser tablets are available for placing into the substrate allowing the plants to take up essential nutrients for vibrant and lush growth.

All of the liquid and tablet plant fertilisers we sell will not increase algae growth as they do not contain either phosphates or nitrates.

With regular use of aquatic plant fertilisers your aquatic plants will keep an intense green and red leaf colouration, also strong growth which will lead to a beautiful planted aquarium helping to keep algae growth down.


A range of plant feed products
A range of plant feed products