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Keeping water features clean

Blog post written by Gary | 16 May 2018 | Category: Water features

As with aquariums and ponds, outdoor water features will become unsightly, dirty and full of algae over a period of time.

To maintain a clean water feature, the pump, whether mains or solar-powered, should be cleaned frequently.

This entails cleaning the sponge (if fitted) under tap water, washing away all the debris collected in the sponge and removing and cleaning the impellor and impellor housing. By keeping the pump clean it will work more efficiently and not become damaged.

To keep the water in the water feature free of bio fouling and algae, regular water changes, a wipe round and the addition of a water feature treatment will help to keep it clean and free from algae and dirty water.

Water feature treatments come in liquid, powder or tablet form. All will keep resin, stone, metal and concrete water features clean when used in the correct dosage.

All water feature treatments sold at Weald Aquatics must not be used when fish are present in the feature but are safe for visiting birds and small animals.

Below is a list of water feature cleaning products we have available at Weald Aquatics.

Products Form
Feature Kit Tablet
Blagdon Feature Clear Liquid
Blagdon Feature Algae Control Liquid
Blagdon Feature Clean Away Powder
Blagdon Feature Rapid Clean Powder
Cloverleaf Sparkling Answer Powder
Blagdon Feature Surface Cleaner Liquid

Once your water feature is clean, why not have the tranquil aroma of lavender by adding Blagdon Feature Lavender scent.


Water cleaning products and Blagdon's feature lavender scent
Water cleaning products and Blagdon's feature lavender scent