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Jack's aquarium

Blog post written by Jack | 27 October 2017 | Category: Case studies

I had a 48-litre aquarium when I first started at Weald Aquatics and I have always wanted a nice big aquarium which I could populate with African Cichlids. After a short period of time I decided to upgrade to a Rio 125 aquarium which I filled with various fancy goldfish. But Andy constantly showed me pictures and videos of his cichlid aquarium, which made up my mind to  convert my coldwater setup into a tropical aquarium filled with African Cichlids.

I showed Andy videos and pictures of my new setup. (Let’s just say he was very impressed!) I religiously carried out large water changes to ensure that all the water parameters stayed correct and the water in tip-top condition. Because of my water changes, my fish started to breed! I then had to purchase a smaller aquarium in which I used to raise the fry.

After deciding that I wanted to keep the baby fish, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to upgrade my aquarium again. I purchased a Rio 240 aquarium in which I now have heavily populated with Cichlids.

I have lots of equipment in my new Juwel Rio 240 that helps to keep all fish in a perfect condition. These include a Juwel filter system, Eheim Ecco Pro 300, Newa High Flow Circulator and an Eheim Air Pump 400.   

As with the Rio 125, I carry out a large water changes on a weekly basis to ensure all water parameters stay stable. Take a look at the video of my aquarium below.

If you would like more information on my aquarium, please come into the shop and have a chat with me.