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It's important to keep your gravel clean

Blog post written by Andy | 06 December 2012 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

Cleaning the substrate is one of the most important parts when maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Gravel not only provides a natural habitat for your fish, a rooting substrate for plants, makes a tank more aesthetically pleasing, but also provides an extra layer of biological and mechanical filtration in your fish tank.

Not only does the gravel catch waste, but beneficial bacteria colonise the gravel and break down fish waste and harmful biological products into less toxic substances. However this waste can only be broken down so far and if left in the aquarium can rot causing the build up of harmful elements. This can lead to water quality problems, fish health issues and algae blooms.

Gravel generally needs a decent clean once a month, but I would also recommend before your weekly water change, just to turn the gravel with your fingers. This allows you to syphon out any dirt particles that float up and also helps prevent algae growing over the top of your gravel.

We stock a great selection of air-driven, battery-operated, gravity-fed and mains-powered gravel cleaners for the smallest up to the largest fish tanks. Some will allow you to do a water change at the same time as cleaning your gravel whilst others recycle water allowing you to use them for longer periods of time.

Gravel cleaning should always be part of your general maintenance and once you're into a routine, should take you no time at all and benefit your fish and plants greatly.


Gravel cleaners
We stock a range of gravel cleaners - mains-operated, battery-operated and syphon action