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Interpet PF1, PF2, PF3 and PF4 filter cleaning

Blog post written by Gary | 04 April 2013 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

Our pictorial guide below takes you through the whole process of cleaning the Interpet PF1, PF2, PF3 and PF4 filters. We hope you find it useful.


Having removed the filter from the aquarium, push finger indents on either side of the filter body whilst pulling the pump head at the same time, this will separate the filter from the pump head.



Once the head is removed pull the foam carrier out to clean the foams and tip away any water in the body of the filter. Foams should be washed in a bucket of water containing aquarium water. The carbon foam should be replaced every 3 to 6 weeks. Both the foam and carbon foam should not be washed under tap water as this will destroy the beneficial bacteria.


The Bio chamber should be cleaned every 6 months. To do this grasp the bio chamber firmly and twist and pull the container from the filter head.  As with the sponges the biomedia should only be cleaned in aquarium water.


To gain access to the impellor, pull the cover away from the head unit.


Pull the impellor away from the head unit and use a soft brush to clean the impellor and impellor chamber.



To clean the aqua valve, unclip the cover from the filter body this gives you access to the aqua valve for cleaning. This should be carried out every 6 to 8 weeks. Filter should be assembled in reverse order.