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Installing a rigid pond

Blog post written by Gary | 14 August 2013 | Category: Ponds

This month our pictorial guide shows how to install a rigid pond, waterfall and filter system. The products used are the Blagdon Damselfly 750 litre rigid pond, the Bermuda Colwyn pebble cascade waterfall and the Bermuda FilterForce 6000 kit which comes complete with a pressurised filter including a UV light unit which will keep the pond both clear of water-borne algae and mechanical particles. The pond was installed by Tony a Weald Aquatics customer over a number of days.


Positioning the pond.
The hole is dug out to the correct depth with supports for the marginal shelves.


With the pond in position the hole was back filled to level the pond and to stop it from distorting.
The first filling of water to check the level.


The pond filled ready for the filter and waterfall.
The Bermuda FilterForce 6000 pump and UV pressurized filter.


Checking that the filter and pump are working.
Connecting the pump and filter to the waterfall. The Bermuda waterfall has a hidden tubing connector which allows the pipework to be concealed.


Waterfall and filter in position, with the pump placed in the pond.
Waterfall back filled with soil and rocks. You can see the top of the filter on the right, buried up to the clips allowing access for cleaning and the tubing has been covered.


The pond is nearly finished. We will revisit Tony's pond when the plants and fish have been added.

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