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I love Cichlids!

Blog post written by Andy | 01 March 2012 | Category: Tropical fish

Hey again everybody. I know its been a while but we have been busy... honest!

It's been great seeing how popular our new banks of aquariums have been and I have been busily stocking them to the point of bursting.

In my last post I mentioned how we were expanding our range of tetras and more relevant for this post and me personally...Cichlids!

We keep a wide range of Cichlids in store, from the peaceful dwarf species such as Rams and Apistogrammas, to large central and Southern American species like Oscars, Firemouths and Acaras.

You can see just a few of them in the video below.



We also now have a dedicated bank of Rift Valley cichlids (which I keep at home as well but I will bore you with that another time).

Cichlids are a great family of fish with real personalities. Most are incredibly long lived and resistant to illness, many will also tolerate various and fluctuating water quality (that's no excuse to let your water changes slide people!).

Cichlids have a reputation of getting big, being aggressive and eating, well, pretty much everything! And yes some of them are all of the above unless you keep them with the right tank mates. However there are some gorgeous dwarf species that are really peaceful and are a great show fish for a community aquarium. Angelfish are another type of cichlid which can often be kept in a mixed aquarium, and although they can be temperamental, they look fantastic when they get bigger.

For those of you who think bigger is better, cichlids are for you! The Oscar is one of the most popular fish I know of and although they can grow to 12" and are basically a mouth with a tail on the end, they're a fascinating fish with all sorts of personalities and quirks. I have several customers who feed their Oscars by hand and one gentleman who says his wife goes to feed the fish only for the Oscar to hide at the back of the tank until she has gone, and will only come out when he feeds it himself. His wife thinks the fish has a crush on her husband!

The African Cichlids are in my opinion as close to marine fish as you can get. A properly stocked and maintained aquarium with these fish in can be absolutely jaw dropping. I have shown several customers pictures of my tank who were intent on giving up the hobby only to have them start again with cichlids... two of them now have bigger tanks than me!!

Over the next few months I will be highlighting many of this diverse family of fish and hopefully encouraging many of you to join me in keeping them.

See you in the shop soon!