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How we select our aquarium fish

Blog post written by Andy | 04 October 2012 | Category: In the shop

Now we have launched our permanent discount for all Weald Aquatics club members on fish (if you're not a club member...why not?!) I thought I would give you a brief rundown on the types of fish we keep at the shop so you can start using your discount!

The majority of fish we keep at Weald Aquatics are known as community fish. This is quite a general term but it basically means these are fish that are very peaceful and won't cause any problems mixing with other fish. Some of the most common community fish families we keep are:

  • Tetras, such as Neons, Glowlight, Penguin and Cardinals.
  • Live bearers which include Guppies, Platys, Mollies and Swordtails.
  • Gouramis, like the gold, powder blue and flame red, down to the small honey and chocolate.
  • Catfish and Loach such as Clown Loach and coryadoras, to the big "Sucker mouths" like Plecostomus and Pekoltia.
  • Rainbow fish, including Boesmani, Turquoise, Neon Dwarf and Threadfin.
  • Rasboras, which include Halequin, Scissortail and clown.



We have a huge selection of all of these types of fish which will suit any size fish tank, are relatively undemanding and won't break the bank. If you want a shoal of fish, look at Tetras or Rasboras. If you want a splash of colour or a big 'show' fish then Gouramis and Rainbow fish are great families to look at. If you fancy breeding your own fish, live bearers like Guppies and Mollies are really easy!

We also do a wide selection of non community fish. These are fish that have special requirements or do not always socialise with other fish. Most of these fish come under the large family known as Cichlids and as a lot of you know these are my favourite types of fish. Now, I'm not saying all Cichlids should be crossed off the community tank shopping list!! Some dwarf Cichlids like Ramirezi and the Apistogramma Cichlids are amazing looking fish that stay small and socialise with other fish - they just need a little more attention when it comes to feeding and don't like 'busy' tanks. One of the most popular fish in the fish keeping trade is, in fact, a cichlid - the Angelfish - so don't be put off keeping them, just think about your other tank mates. Most Cichlids tend to get big (so will eat small fish!) and when in breeding condition can become aggressive. But if kept in the right aquarium they make fantastic fish to keep. Our most popular Cichlids are Oscars, Firemouths, Juwel Cichlids, Acaras, Jack Dempsys and Texas Cichlids. We also keep a wide selection of 'Rift Cichlids' like Freyeri, Blue Zebra, Frontosa and loads of Aulonocara.

We also keep a few 'odd balls' for those who want something different. Reedfish, Dwarf frogs, Red claw crabs, Elephant Nose, Parrot fish...I could go on! We try to cater for everyone. We will always try to guide you on the requirements of any fish you look at in the shop and are only too happy to answer any questions you may have.

We also use a wide range of suppliers and as we can't stock everything at once, will happily try to source anything you're after...just let me know.


As we regularly do specific customer orders, we are now in a position to order marine fish and invertebrates for people to collect. This has proven so popular that I think it's convinced the boss to invest in a new marine section! I will keep you all posted on 'Operation Nemo!' and let you all know what's happening!

Now, let's see people using that discount! See you all soon!