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How to clean a Juwel filter

Blog post written by Andy | 01 August 2012 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

In the feedback our customers have given us from our monthly club email, one of the things we have been asked to do is to provide more hands-on information and articles about how to do things relating to your pond or aquarium. So this is the first of what we hope will become a regular feature of our blog.


1. Here we have our aquarium ready to be cleaned. The first step is to unplug the lighting, heater and filter pump.
2. Carefully remove the hood, being careful not to spill any water on any electrical plugs or sockets.


3. In the Juwel range of aquariums, all of the filter equipment is located in the black box in the corner.
4. Remove the top of the filter cover to gain access to the pump and media sections.


5. All of the filter media is kept in plastic sleeves to allow you easy access to whichever section needs cleaning.
6. Grasping the plastic handles on the sleeve, gently slide the sleeve upwards lifting the filter media with it.


7. Remove the appropriate sponge that needs cleaning / replacing. We are going to clean the top white polishing pad.
8. Clean / replace the sponge if necessary. As we are cleaning the top polishing filter we can clean it under tap water. Different sponges and media need replacing and cleaning differently depending on their function. If you need more information or you're just not sure, give us a call or come visit us in the shop.


9. Replace the cleaned or new filter sponge back into its correct place in the filter basket and slide back down into place.
10. To remove the pump you must first remove the outlet / flow director.


11. The pump again has two small handles to grip to allow easy removal.
12. Pulling gently upwards, remove the pump from the filter housing.


13. The pump itself comes apart to allow access to clean the impellor. Gently slide the base of the pump off. This can sometimes be tight, especially if you have never done it before.
14. Inside the centre of the pump you will see the impellor which sits on a metal spindle.


15. Gently remove the impellor.
16. Clean the magnet section with a fine brush to remove any dirt and clean the impellor blades in the same way.


17. Wash the other section of the pump and clean the metal spindle with the brush and clean tap water.
18. Reassemble the pump and place back into the filter box. Reattach the outlet pipe and filter cover. Plug your equipment back in and replace the hood. We use Juwel cleaning brushes to clean all our filters. They are available to purchase in store.


19. For the older style pump fittings, the socket is twisted 180 degrees anti-clockwise.
20. The socket can then be pulled away from the pump housing.


21. Slide the base of the pump off, this then reveals the impellor.
22. Gently remove the impellor for cleaning.


23. Re-assemble the pump in reverse.
24. The new Juwel Ecco pumps have the same socket as the Juwel Bioflow pumps.


25. To gain access to the impellor, the socket is twisted 45 degrees anti-clockwise and then pulled away from the pump housing.
26. The impellor including the shaft and rubber bush can be removed for cleaning.


I hope you found that useful and we'll be providing more of this sort of thing in future blogs.

See you all soon.