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How do we keep our shop aquariums so clean?

Blog post written by Andy | 27 July 2017 | Category: In the shop

People are always asking me how we keep the display aquariums clean in the shop. Do we add a secret chemical? Do we clean them every day? Do we stay behind when the shop is closed to clean them all?

Well it’s actually none of those.

We give our display aquariums the same level of care as any of our other aquariums, the show tanks, our maintenance customers’ aquariums, and our fish tanks at home.

It’s the same advice we give customers new or old to fishkeeping...

  • Regular water changes
  • Looking after your filter system
  • Not overstocking your aquarium
  • Not overfeeding your fish.

Fish keeping really is that simple provided you stick to these basic principles.

We do a 20-25% water change every week. The longest we would leave it is two weeks and we’d then take out around 30%. Before taking out the water, we unplug all the equipment and we clean the algae from the glass. We then agitate the substrate to get any organic waste out and then syphon it out as part of our water change. There are lots of gravel cleaners that will perform these two jobs for you.

The water we have taken out of the aquarium is kept and is used to wash any biological media or sponges from the filter system. This minimises the loss of any beneficial bacteria within the filter which is helping to keep our water quality correct for the fish. Once the old water is disposed of, we mix fresh water from the tap (both warm and cold to prevent drops in aquarium temperature) and add a dechlorinator to remove the chlorine, chloramine and other harmful trace elements found in tap water. The aquarium is then topped up.

We also add a bacterial culture to our aquariums to give the filter systems a turbo charge to break down fish waste as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Then a wipe over the front of the glass, plug the equipment back in and we’re done. Simple stuff!

Sticking to this cleaning regime regularly, not over feeding you fish (probably the biggest cause of aquarium problems I can think of) and not overstocking your fish tank will keep your aquariums looking like ours…. if not better!

We love it when customers show us or send us pictures of their aquariums so, if you’ve got any of your aquarium, send it over. We love a fishy picture at Weald!


Busy keeping the shop aquariums clean
Busy keeping the shop aquariums clean