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Golden Dojo

Blog post written by Andy | 09 March 2011 | Category: Tropical fish

I will be using this blog to showcase a lot of the fish I get in store. I will be highlighting any new and unusual fish that become available and offering advice on how to keep them successfully.

One fish that we currently have in stock is the Golden Dojo or Weather Loach (Misgurnus angullicaudatus) and is a great fish for the coldwater aquarium for those who want something a little different! They originate from Asia, Korea, China and Japan. They are a bottom feeding loach with an almost eel like appearance and a cluster of barbel "whiskers" around the mouth. Their bright gold colour make them really stand out against a dark substrate. They are a very peaceful, active fish and perfectly suited to the coldwater community aquarium. They tend to prefer being kept in at least pairs or small groups and seem a lot happier swimming together.



They enjoy a varied diet (as do all fish!) but really need some sort of sinking pellet or frozen food. In the shop I tend to feed them frozen blood worm at least every couple of days and it really keeps them in great condition. They can grow up to 12 inches but they usually stay much smaller as tank size can restrict their growth, a common size is around 6 inches. They love burrowing, often with just their head sticking out of the gravel waiting for their next meal and the finer their gravel or sand the better. They can have a life span of almost 10 years and develop real personalities, I had one customer tell me he used to put his hand in the tank and have his weather loach swim onto his hand and curl up to take a rest! The only note of caution I would say is that they have a knack of getting out of tanks unless you have a tight fitting lid so keep those holes blocked! All in all they are a great and really interesting fish to keep so come and check them out.