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Getting rid of pollutants in aquarium water

Blog post written by Gary | 28 April 2016 | Category: Aquarium maintenance

Over the years we occasionally have customers coming into the shop asking why their fish are dying unexpectedly. Most cases can be explained but some cases take longer to solve.

Many of the problems with the unexplained fish deaths can be due to airborne pollutants such as air fresheners, fly sprays, spray polish, carpet sprays and, if the aquarium is in a bedroom, deodorant and perfume sprays. Leaving soap on your hands or not adequately rinsing your hands before dipping into the aquarium can also cause the same problems.

If the cause of the unexplained fish deaths is due to a pollutant, the easiest solution is to dilute the chemical in the aquarium water by doing a number of water changes of at least 30% (never more than 50% of the aquarium volume in one water change). This will help the fish in the aquarium.

To quickly remove all the chemical pollutants, use a Poly-Filter. This pad is a unique invention for chemical filtering and purifying both freshwater and seawater. The pad will fit any filter system and changes colour when indicating what pollutants it has removed and when it needs to be changed.  The Poly-Filter will not release the impurities back into the aquarium.

One standard Poly-Filter will treat up to 180 litres at a price of £15.49.