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Eheim Ecco Filter Cleaning

Blog post written by Gary | 04 July 2013 | Category: Aquarium equipment

Our latest pictorial guide below takes you through the whole process of cleaning the Eheim Ecco filter. The cleaning description refers to the Eheim Ecco pro200. The same cleaning schedule can be used on the Ecco pro130 and Ecco pro300. Previous models of the Eheim Ecco filter system can also be cleaned using the same cleaning schedule. The only change on the older models is that the coarse prefilter sponge is not fitted.

We have the complete range of spares available for all the Ecco range of filters at Weald Aquatics.


Turn off the Ecco filter at mains switch, turn off both taps and disconnect taps from filter.
Remove the filter from the aquarium and move handle from upright position to its lower setting. This action raises the filter head unit away from the filter canister.


Removing the head unit allows access to the main media canister.


Remove coarse pre filter sponge and clean (the sponge can be cleaned under tap water), and replace if in poor condition.


Remove main media canister and separate containers to gain access to the media. The top white fine filter should be changed or cleaned every time the filter is cleaned. The biomedia and coarse filtration media should be cleaned in a bucket of aquarium water to retain the friendly bacteria. Reassemble when cleaned and place back into filter canister.



To clean the impellor assembly, squeeze lugs together and pull away from head unit. Remove impellor assembly and clean, being careful not to lose the two rubber bushes on the ceramic shaft. Clean impellor shaft and impellor chamber and again be careful because the ceramic shaft can easily be broken.


Remove auto siphon cage and ball, clean and check ball is not pitted or worn away. Replace if in a poor condition as this will affect the working of the automatic siphon system.
Reassemble auto siphon cage and ball (the cage can only fit in one direction), reassemble impellor assembly and place head unit back onto the filter canister. Reconnect taps (making sure the taps are on the correct way), turn on taps and push handle back into its vertical position. This action draws in water from the aquarium, filling the filter with water. Wait until the Ecco filter is full of water then switch on filter at the mains. The filter will now be pumping water into the aquarium.