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Cryptocoryne Plants

Blog post written by Gary | 19 December 2017 | Category: Aquarium plants

The Cryptocoryne family of plants (also known as Crypts, because it's a bit easier to say) is ideal for fore and mid-ground planting in your aquarium as they grow to a height between 2.5cm and 30cm.

At Weald we normally have six varieties of Cryptocoryne plants. Nevillii, Bullosa and Petchii are ideal for foreground planting and Undulatus Kasselman, Wendtii and Undulatus Green great for mid-ground plants.

Generally the Cryptocoryne plants are potted, so to allow the roots to spread it is best to remove the plastic pot and some of the rockwall from the plant at the same time being careful not to damage the root structure.

To get the best from your Crypts it is a good idea to add a fertiliser tablet to the roots as once planted the Crypts should not be moved as they have a large root system that should not be disturbed.

Over a period of time the Cryptocorynes will spread giving a dense blanket of green foliage.


Here you can see Cryptocorynes in the foreground of an aquarium