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Brian's marine aquarium

Blog post written by Gary | 13 March 2014 | Category: Case studies

This month we are continuing our interviews with Weald Aquatics club members and I have spoken to Brian who has been keeping tropical fish since the early seventies and who has been a customer for over 16 years.

Shortly after retiring Brian purchased a bow-fronted, made-to-measure aquarium. However this eventually sprung a leak, which meant Brian had to find an aquarium very quickly. His next aquarium was a Juwel Rio 240 which he purchased from us when we worked at Keston and which he filled with Discus and shoals of Tetras. To keep the Discus happy Brian used RO water for the water changes. When Keston closed down Brian was on the verge of shutting down his aquarium as he was having difficulty in finding a shop which could supply RO water and quality tropical fish.

In early 2011 Brian was told about Weald Aquatics. After speaking to Andy, his enthusiasm for keeping tropical fish returned and he immediately changed his aquarium to an African Cichlid set up. Not content with the Rio 240, Brian then upgraded to a Rio 300 for his large collection of Cichlids in the August of 2011. Having enjoyed the African Cichlids for a couple of years Brian was then looking for a new challenge.

At about this time we had started stocking marine fish and corals. Brian had become interested in the marine show aquarium in the shop and decided to upgrade his Rio 300 to a marine aquarium. With our help Brian’s African Cichlids were transferred to our show Cichlid aquarium and his Rio 300 upgraded to a marine aquarium. This required the addition of a Juwel Protein skimmer, marine lighting and an external filter to compliment the original Juwel filter.

We aquascaped Brian’s aquarium with live rock and filled with RO salt water allowing Brian to start stocking his aquarium immediately, to date in the aquarium there are:

  • 5 x Clownfish
  • 5 x Green Chromis
  • 6 x Yellow tailed Damsel
  • 1 x Coral Beauty
  • 1 x Copperband
  • 2 x Cleaner Shrimp

There is also a large number of soft corals including Xenia, polyps and mushroom corals.

With the help of our regular aquarium service, Brian is continuing to add fish and corals to his aquarium. To keep all his fish and coral in good condition, Brian feeds a variety of frozen food which includes Brineshrimp, Krill and Mysis, and for the corals, a special coral food produced by Salifert which has balanced nutrition for all the soft corals in the aquarium.

Brian has said he will now sit back and enjoy his marine aquarium as every time he looks at the aquarium, he finds another crab or coral polyp has appeared on the live rock.


Brian's marine aquarium
Brian's marine aquarium


Brian in the shop selecting some more fish for his tank
Brian in the shop selecting some more fish for his tank