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Bob and Jean’s Aquariums

Blog post written by Gary | 06 February 2014 | Category: Case studies

This month, we thought you would like to read how other customers enjoy and maintain their aquariums.

Bob and Jean had kept tropical fish for many years but due to the pressure of work and family they gave up. However when Bob retired they decided it was time to set up a tropical aquarium again. Having looked at several aquatic shops they then found Weald Aquatics on the internet and were impressed by the Weald website. In February 2013 after much discussion Bob and Jean decided on the Dark Wood Juwel Vision 180. As Bob said “I liked the curve of the front glass”.

The aquarium was set up in the living room as a focal point where Bob and Jean could sit and enjoy the fish.

The aquarium has a natural gravel substrate with a number of real plants all of which have rooted and grown since planting in February last year, including Amazon Sword, Hygrophila Guanensis, Hygrophila Polysperma, Crytocoryne, Moss balls and two plants on bogwood, one of which Bob created himself.

The fish population consists of large shoals of Harlequins, Zebra Danios, Various Corydoras, White Cloud Minnows and Platys. Bob will be adding more shoals of fish as the aquarium matures.

After having had the aquarium set up for six months with great success with both fish and plants, Bob and Jean decided they would like an aquarium in their dining room. Having firstly looked at the new Juwel Lido 200 they finally opted for another dark wood Vision 180 to complement their original aquarium.

For the second aquarium Bob decided on a sand substrate again with real plants. This time Bob has planted Vallis, Ludwigia Glandulosa, various Cryptocoryne plants, hair grass and again two plants on bogwood.

Bob decided to have a shoal of six Angelfish with various Corydoras, Clown Loach, Silver Tip Tetra, Plecostomus and a large shoal of Phantom Tetra.

To keep both aquariums clean and to encourage strong plant growth Bob performs a 25% weekly water change using hot and cold water to keep the water temperature the same, also adding Tetra Aquasafe to condition the water before adding it to the aquariums. He also wipes round the inside of the aquariums using an API algae pad to remove any algae and then adds Waterlife Bacterlife to help break down the fish waste and prevent further algae build up.

The filter system is cleaned and sponges changed according to the Juwel maintenance schedule. The gravel is cleaned using the Aquarium Systems power gravel cleaner.

The fish are fed using a mixture of Tetra Pro Colour and algae crisps every day. Frozen bloodworm is fed every two days along with sinking pellets for the Clown Loach and Corydoras.

The lighting on the aquariums is turned on for two hours in the morning then a further six hour from 4 pm to 10 pm giving plenty of light for strong plant growth. Bob has also fitted a reflector on each of the front lights to give extra lighting for the lower plants.

Since Bob set up the first aquarium, he has kept a notebook on all the fish and plants added to the aquariums, and when he has changed filters. Bob says “this has been invaluable in keeping track of what I have done and when to the two aquariums”.

Bob says he has not regretted buying the two aquariums as they bring him and Jean much pleasure.

If you wish to see more pictures of Bob and Jean’s aquariums they are displayed at the shop.


Bob and Jean in the shop looking for more fish for their aquariums
Bob and Jean in the shop looking for more fish for their aquariums


Bob and Jean's beautiful aquariums
Bob and Jean's beautiful aquariums
Bob and Jean's beautiful aquariums