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Barley straw in ponds

Blog post written by Gary | 09 March 2017 | Category: Pond maintenance

Using barley straw is the natural way of controlling all types of algae and blanketweed in the pond and is safe for use with all fish, plants and other aquatic pond life.

Barley straw is usually packed in bales or pouches depending on the amount of pond water to treat. Also available from NT Labs are barley straw pellets which, as the name suggests, is compressed barley straw giving you more a more concentrated treatment.

Bales or pouches of barley straw can be placed in the pond throughout the year but are best installed in the spring as it will normally take up to four weeks for the barley straw to become fully active depending on pond conditions and temperature. The barley straw bale will gradually rot away so it will need to be replaced after three or four months;  this is to allow the amount of natural chemical from the barley straw to remain in the pond water to keep the algae under control.

To get the best results from the barley straw bales, they should be placed in good water circulation which is normally near a waterfall or where water is returning from the filter unit. They should also be tethered just below the water to get maximum water and oxygen circulation. Barley straw bales can also be placed in filter systems as long as the bale is kept underwater and will not cause problems with the filter operation.

Pond pumps should be kept running 24 hours a day and not switched off at night to get the maximum effect from the barley straw.

If you want a quicker result from barley straw it is available as an extract in liquid form which, when added to the water will work straight away.


A selection of barley straw products that we have in the shop
A selection of barley straw products that we have in the shop