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Aquarium Plants Grown On Wood

Blog post written by Gary | 15 February 2018 | Category: Aquarium plants

There are a number of aquarium plants which do not require a substrate (gravel or sand) to grow in, but will attach themselves to either wood, rock or anything else that is in the water. The most common plants are Java Fern, Java Moss and the Anubius family.

Both the Java Fern and Anubius grow from a thick rhizome that creeps over the wood in different directions attaching itself by roots as it grows. The Java Moss will attach itself to the wood by filaments forming an intense mass of tangled stems.

To create your own plant on wood we have in stock both Morpani wood which is an ideal platform for attaching the plants, and also the complete range of plants: Anubius, Java Fern and Java Moss. To help the plants attach themselves to the wood each plant will need to be held in place by either nylon fishing line, cotton or elastic band which can be removed once the plants have established themselves.

If the wood becomes overgrown, the plants can be trimmed back or cuttings made and then transferred to another piece of wood or rock creating a superb aquascape.

At Weald Aquatics we have a wide selection in our show aquariums of the above plants attached to various sizes of matured wood. We also have in stock Java Moss and Java Fern attached to ceramic sticks and Java Moss attached to half coconuts. Both of these plants are excellent for foreground aquascaping with the coconut especially ideal for Tetras and other small fish to swim in and out of.


Plants growing on wood
Plants growing on wood
Some examples of plants growing on wood in our aquariums