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April 2011 shop news

Blog post written by Andy | 07 April 2011 | Category: In the shop

Hey everybody!

It's been a really busy time at the shop over the last few weeks in preparation for the (fingers crossed!) upcoming summer, and have been working hard on our outdoor section. We have been gradually building up our stock of aquatic plants and have finally got a really comprehensive selection of marginal and deep water species. All of our plants come from a local supplier who grows all of our stock in dedicated planting ponds. Having all of our plants are grown in this country means they are used to our climate and therefore tougher and more resilient to swings in temperature and disease. We also have a large selection of deep water plants and lilies and as the weather starts to warm up we will be able to stock miniature and dwarf species as well.

We are in a similar position with plants as we are with fish. If there is something you are after we will do our best to track it down for you. We supply plants to order for a number of companies who build and maintain ponds, be it a certain type or complete planted baskets. For instant impact, we can find what you're looking for so come in and have a chat if you're looking for some ideas. We stock all you would need for keeping your plants in top condition. We have a huge selection of plant baskets in different shapes and sizes, aquatic soil and compost which is completely safe to use with all fish and aquatic animals, hessian to line your baskets and lots of different gravels to cover your plants. We also stock a selection of aquatic plant foods and fertilisers in both liquid and tablet forms to really give your plants all they could ever want!!

It's also great to see how popular our pre-formed ponds are and, due to their popularity, we have expanded our range even further. We have ponds for the smallest garden area up to large ponds which look more like small swimming pools to me (if the weather is as hot as last year that might not be a bad idea!!). I was thinking of putting a book together of people's ponds we have helped create so if you want to bring in any photos you have I would love to see them to give other people a bit of inspiration.

Inside is where I have really had my fun! It has taken a while building our stock up but we finally have a really good selection of pond fish in various sizes and are finally happy enough with our filter systems to start stocking Koi.

We currently stock goldfish, shubunkins, sarasa comets, canary yellow goldfish, blue orfe, gold orfe and a selection of koi. As with our plants, the further into summer we go the more variety and size of fish we can stock. So, as always anything you are after I will do my best to track it down.

I am really impressed with our pond units (see photo below) and I am glad they are making an impression on people who come and have a look. We chose glass fronted systems to allow children to enjoy the fish and for customers to view them more clearly. I have even seen families taking pictures of their children in front of our pond units as they enjoy the fish! The units are made of 10mm glass and hold 200 gallons (900 litres) each so I have lots of room for even more varieties of fish. Each unit is individually filtered and all of the equipment is hidden in the back compartment accessible from the top panels for easy maintenance. A number of customers have liked the units so much they have asked if they can buy the units for their patio........ and yes you can! So if you have any questions please come and ask and we will do our best to help.

If you haven't seen the new pond units come down and tell me what you think.

Hope to see you soon.