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Another marine show tank is on its way

Blog post written by Andy | 28 May 2014 | Category: Marine fish

As most of you know by now, my favourite part of this job is setting up new aquariums. We already have eight show tanks in the shop and 100 in total if you include the display aquariums we sell our fish from (and that's not including the pond units).

I think the shop looks great and customers are amazed at how we have managed to fit so many aquariums in. So let's get another one in there!

I set up a small marine nano tank, plus a big 200 litre marine, so I think it's time we set one up somewhere in between.

Over the next few weeks I will be setting up an Aquael Reefmaster with a volume of 105 litres. Now this is a complete set up for marines and comes with some brilliant pieces of kit. It comes with a heater, protein skimmer, 3 x 24 watt T5 light tubes, a separate set of LEDs all on a programmable timer, separate cooling system for both the aquarium and equipment both with built-in fans, and the filter system which houses mechanical, biological and chemical filter media is partitioned behind the aquarium so you don't see any equipment . It also houses a set of pre filters to protect all of the equipment from any air bubbles which may work their way into the system via a protein skimmer (some thing a lot of manufacturers don't think about).

It's a huge amount of kit for such a small tank and one I cannot wait to get stuck into - so watch this space.

I'm going to use something slightly different in the set up this time. It's a new product that replicates live rock. It is called "Life Rock" and it's produced by a company called CaribSea. It has all the benefits of traditional live rock but with none of the negatives. The rock comes seeded with a spore bacteria ready to act as your base filtration. The shapes and colours have been produced to replicate that of live rock and allow corals to attach and grow easily. The main benefits are there is no long curing time and no chance of unwanted algae or hitch-hiking pests such as bristle worms, crabs and mantis shrimp finding their way into your system. It is also considerably cheaper than regular live rock which is a massive help considering how much some aquariums need.

I am really looking forward to setting up this new tank so I would love to hear any suggestions anyone has with what to put in it. It should look great - not bad for tank 101!


All we can show you at the moment is an empty box and the aquarium on its cabinet ready to be worked on. If you've got any suggestion about what we should do with it, get in touch!