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An Update on Bob and Jean’s Aquariums

Blog post written by Gary | 20 November 2015 | Category: Case studies

This month we are revisiting Bob and Jean’s aquariums two years on to see how the fish have grown and the aquariums have matured.

Bob and Jean purchased their first Juwel Vision 180 aquarium in early 2013 and, having had great success with this aquarium, another Juwel Vision 180 was purchased 6 months later.  

Aquarium Number 1

This aquarium has gravel with a Tetra plant substrate under the gravel to promote plant growth. The plants are a mixture of Cryptocoryne, Hygrophila and Anubius planted on bogwood, the majority of the plants are from when the aquarium was first set up.

The fish include a Gold Gourami, Harlequins, Platys, Otocinclus also three Corydoras Sterbas and one White Cloud Mountain Minnow from the original set up. The Platys are now on the fourth or fifth generation.

Aquarium Number 2

Bob and Jean decided to have a sand substrate for this aquarium, again to help plant growth. As in the first aquarium there is a mixture of Cryptocoryne and Hygrophila plants, Anubius on bogwood and Hair grass growing through the sand.

This aquarium houses larger fish including two angelfish, three Clown loach, five Corydoras and a mixture of Tetras.

To keep both aquariums in tip top condition Bob carries out a 25% to 30% water change weekly. He says he notices the aquarium housing the Angelfish and Loaches tends to need an extra water change occasionally because of the size of the fish. When carrying out the water changes Bob uses Tetra Aquasafe to condition the water and Bacterlife to help breakdown the fish waste. Every three to four weeks Bob uses the electric gravel cleaner to help keep the gravel clean. The filter systems are changed regularly according to Juwel’s recommended timetable, and Bob has also kept a diary to keep a track of both cleaning the filter systems and when the fish have been purchased for both aquariums.

Having extra air being pumped into the aquarium via external air pumps, Bob has found the fish livelier and the water seems cleaner.

Bob reckons his excellent plant growth in both aquariums is being achieved by the weekly water changes replacing the minerals absorbed in the water by the plants and the lights being turned on for three hours in the morning and then for five hours in the evening.

To keep the fish happy Bob and Jean feed the fish on Tetra Pro Colour, Tetra Pro Algae, Hikari Algae Wafers, Bloodworm and Fish Science Shrimp and Algae tablets which all the fish love. Also for a treat he occasionally gives his fish a small chunk of cucumber!

The final question I put to Bob and Jean: what are your favourite fish?

Bob: "The Corydoras Sterbas in the first aquarium, as they are some of the original fish and have a deep yellow streak on their dorsal fin with a nice spotted body."

Jean: "The two Angelfish in the second aquarium because of their colour and size."


Bob and Jean in the shop
Bob and Jean at the shop topping up on their supplies


Bob and Jean's impressive aquarium
Bob and Jean's impressive aquarium

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