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An Ode to Stormin' Norman

Blog post written by Dave | 09 October 2013 | Category: General fishy ramblings

We published Pistol Pete’s poem in last month’s newsletter (nice alliteration – Ed!). And this seems to have brought out the William McGonagall in our club members. Pistol Pete has now got some competition in the form of Stormin’ Norman. No prizes for Bob Fisher who penned the ode but we thought we’d continue in our poetic vein by publishing Bob’s piece here. Then you can make up your own mind.

I am a handsome torpedo barb and Norman is my name
Some people call me Stormin’, but I’m not sure who to blame
I was born and raised at Weald, a nice life? You bet
Then some bloke points his finger at me and they put me in a net

Put in a bag and bumped around ‘twas like an army sortie
But as luck would have it I ended up in a brand new Juwel 240
Life was good and cordon bleu provided on the dot
But then one day when I woke up, was covered in white spot

That big guy who looks after me had nothing in his head
So he asked that the guys at Weald for help and I was promptly put to bed
White spot and fungus treatment  was prescribed  and it tasted really rough
But a week later I was back on my fins, you see I’m pretty tough

While I was ill I read your mag and saw your competition
And surely would have entered, but for my disposition
Some other fish he wrote an ode and it wasn’t all that bad
But because I couldn't enter and it made me feel quite sad

So Gary and the new young guy and not forgetting Andy
Stormin’ Norman wants to appeal to anyone that’s handy
That new fish who wrote the ode, he seems a real go getter
But when Stormin’ Norman writes an ode I'll guarantee it’s better

(PS thanks for saving me)


And here is Stormin' Norman in all his glory!
And here is Stormin' Norman in all his glory!