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A whole lotta loaches

Blog post written by Andy | 19 November 2015 | Category: Tropical fish

Most people like to have fish swimming at all levels in their fish tank. For the bottom it’s almost always a catfish, usually a Coryodoras, or an "algae eater" such as a Plecostomus or Ancistrus.

However there are loads of other options for people who want something different. We have lots of different species of loaches in the shop. The most popular is the Clown Loach with its bold black and orange colouration, but there are many others which offer great alternatives.

We have Zebra Loach, a smaller striped species that swim in small groups and buzz around plants. Red finned Botia, a pale blue fish with bright red fins and tail, a boisterous species which do really well with bigger fish and cichlids (I have 4 at home!).  Then there’s "Yo Yo" Loach, an olive green banded species that likes sitting in holes and plants with its head sticking out looking for food. We also have Orange Saddled loach, Zodiac Loach, Pakistani Loach, Coolie Loach - in fact we have Loach everywhere.

They are great bottom feeders that like plenty of places to hide which encourages them to sit out in the open. They love a varied diet but obviously sinking foods is important. They are a very peaceful group of fish with the odd exception and offer a real interest in an aquarium often developing real personalities.

If you have an empty area in the bottom of your aquarium that's missing something different, why not give loaches a try?


Clown loach
The brightly coloured clown loach