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A new home for an old friend

Blog post written by Andy | 06 February 2014 | Category: Case studies

One of the biggest compliments I think we can get here at the shop is having customers from our old haunt at Keston tracking us down here at Weald and making us their 'local fish shop'.

In the 10 years I worked with Gary at Keston we met hundreds of great people and made some great friends. Some customers to whom I sold their first aquarium during my opening weekend there have re-discovered us here at Weald and still come to buy fish for their original tank after 10 years!

One lady I have known for many years, Mrs Olive Painting from Beckenham, phoned me a few weeks ago asking how best to move her fish to another shop. She was finding it difficult to look after her fish and didn't want to let the aquarium deteriorate and her fish to suffer.

I asked where she was taking them and she told me that her local shop said they would take them in and put them "out the back" in the shop's quarantine section. They told her she would have to catch them all herself but she wasn't sure how to do it.

She was quite upset as she has had some of her fish for a long time and her pride and joy was a clown Loach which she has had for just over 20 years. Hearing how upset she was I said that I would send someone round to pick up all of her fish and I would pass them on to other customers' aquariums where they would be well looked after. I also said that I would take her clown Loach and put it in our 450 litre African cichlid show tank with five more large clown Loach so that she could come up and see him whenever she wished.

She was so happy she agreed straight away and we went off to pick up her fish that morning so we could start rehoming them as quickly as possible. The clown Loach is now in our show tank and seems to have settled in really well with his new friends and at 20 years old is the oldest clown Loach I have seen.

Mrs Painting has since popped in to see how he was doing and, after putting in a bit of food, he swam out to say hello. She was so happy to see him she got quite emotional and spent a good 20 minutes watching him. I don't think I have ever been thanked so much in my life. She said she would pop down again next month to see him.

It was a really nice end to my working day and shows how rewarding this job can be.

So if you're in the shop, have a look in our show tank and see if you can spot him. 


Mrs Painting's clown Loach in our cichlid display aquarium
Mrs Painting's clown Loach in our cichlid display aquarium

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