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The African Dwarf aquatic Frog

Blog post written by Andy | 23 March 2016 | Category: Amphibians

People are always after something a little different or quirky to keep in their aquarium. The trouble is anything weird and wonderful often needs specialist care or set-ups. There are however a few different characters that don't need too much of a lifestyle change. One such specimen is the African dwarf aquatic frog.

These frogs spend their entire lives underwater, but do need to come up for air as they have lungs not gills. So you don't need to provide dry areas for them to leave the water but a tank over 18" deep may be too much for them.

They are relatively small and an adult will rarely exceed a couple of inches and are commonly much smaller. They are an olive brown colour but you do occasionally see some greener individuals. They like a lot of hiding places with plenty of plants and ground cover. They are a sociable animal so keeping them in small groups is advised. They are a very peaceful creature to keep so we don't recommend too big or aggressive tank mates as larger fish may view them as a snack. Probably the most important aspect of keeping these is feeding. They don't take dried food very well; frozen food is essential, bloodworm, daphnia and mosquito larvae seem to be preferred and they need a small amount every day or two.

The occasional addition of live food is a great way to encourage fussy or secretive individuals to explore their new home. It is incredibly rare for these to look at your fish as food but I wouldn't mix them with really small fish or fry and certainly not small ornamental shrimp.

It is important to note, any holes where wires or pipe work enters or exits your aquarium should be covered or blocked as these frogs can squeeze through tiny holes and find themselves on your floor!

They are an incredibly interesting animal to keep with lots of personality and the cutest faces you will ever see in your aquarium.


The African Dwarf aquatic Frog
The African Dwarf aquatic Frog
By Mwatro (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons