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Aquarium maintenance and installation

Aquarium maintenance

If you love the idea of getting your hands wet and getting stuck in to your aquarium then you need read no further.

But you might just want the beauty and enjoyment of a living aquarium without all the hassle of maintaining it. And that's where we can help.

We can offer a one-off visit or regular visits to suit you.

Quality control is really important and we make sure that we leave no stone unturned by referring to a comprehensive checklist that we have designed to cover all the checks, tests and procedures that need to be carried out in a maintenance session.

What we do

Our maintenance service includes the following:

  • Water testing
  • Water change
  • Gravel clean
  • Filter clean
  • Filter media replacement (when required)
  • Glass clean inside and outside
  • Ornament clean
  • Fish health check
  • Plant check
  • Aquarium aquascaping

For marine set-ups we also carry out:

  • Specific gravity test
  • Four additional water tests
  • Skimmer clean

For customers on two or more services per month, any livestock added at the time of the service will be guaranteed for 1 week rather than the normal 48 hours.

For costs, please contact us or ask in the shop.

What our customers say

Linda Day of Orpington is a big fan of our maintenance service. Here's what she had to say. (Oh and by the way, Pistol Pete is Linda's prize Tiger Pistol Shrimp).

Hi Gary and co,
I wanted to say a great big thank you to the team at Weald. They've done a fantastic job on Pistol Pete's tank and Pete is out and about re-arranging the sand as we speak, but I notice he is being very gentle about it! They also managed to turn my sad looking tropical tank into a beautiful show tank and I keep going out to look at it. Thank you all very much. I would recommend this tank cleaning service to everyone! I hope you enjoy the tin of chocs!
Thanks again,
Best wishes,
Linda & Pistol Pete!

Aquarium installation

As well as the maintenance service, we also install off-the-shelf aquariums such as Juwel, Clearseal etc.

We can install coldwater, tropical freshwater and tropical marine aquariums.

Just ask in the shop for more details or contact us.