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Coolings Green & Pleasant
Main Road, Knockholt, Kent TN14 7LJ

01959 532 963

Opening times

Monday to Saturday
and Public Holidays: 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

As a pet shop, we are exempt from the government's ban on shop closures. So we cautiously welcome you if you need any supplies during this time. However, whilst in the shop please observe the rules on social distancing in order to keep yourselves, other people and our team safe and well.
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About Weald Aquatics


We opened our doors in October 2010 at Coolings Green & Pleasant in Knockholt, Kent and since then we've expanded to take over a large chunk of the main building.

The shop might only be a few years old but Weald Aquatics' directors and staff have a long experience in the aquatics business. Gary and Andy both worked for many years at Keston Aquarium and now have over 27 man-years of experience between them. If you're looking for experts, look no further than Weald Aquatics.

We now sell aquariums, ponds, fish and all aquatic accessories and supplies to customers in Sevenoaks, Orpington, Bromley, Biggin Hill and all over the south-east.

What we do

Whatever the size of aquarium or pond, we've got the whole range of products to get you set up and to give you continued enjoyment.


You want the best quality fish in your aquarium or pond and we make sure that we source only the best. We’ve got coldwater, tropical freshwater, tropical marine and pond fish.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned aquarist, we’ve got the tank for you. Find out more about the range of products we offer by going here.


We’ve got preformed ponds and we also stock pond liners so you can design the pond to the shape you want. We've also got a whole range of pond-related products - find out more here.

Accessories, food, treatments etc

As well as the fish, aquariums and ponds, we’ve also got all of the equipment, accessories, food and treatments you will need to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your hobby. Find out more on the Aquarium Products and Pond Products pages.

Aquarium installation and maintenance

We also carry out aquarium installation and maintenance. Find out more by clicking here.

Pond maintenance

Our pond maintenance service will keep your pond in tip-top condition. Find out more by clicking here.

Our values and mission

All members of the Weald Aquatics team have a passion for fish and fishkeeping and are dedicated to helping our customers in every way possible. We offer free and friendly expert advice and great value for money on all of our products and livestock.

We very much value the fact that we sell living creatures and plants and will always endeavour to source these in an environmentally friendly way and keep them in a clean and healthy environment so that they are in the best condition when sold to our customers.

If you ever have any problems with our service or products then we’d like to talk to you so we can sort it out quickly for you.

Quality of fish and plants

The quality of the products we sell is of the utmost importance to us and especially the living products - fish and plants.

You want fish and plants that are of the highest quality and that will grace your aquarium or pond for a long time and we go to great lengths to find suppliers that have the same philosophy as we do when it comes to quality.

If it means us paying a bit more to get the best possible fish and plants then that's what we'll do but we will still keep the final price to you, the customer, as low as possible to be more than competitive with other local shops.